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It was the first time in history for the US500 to crash by 2% and close the day 2.8% above the neutral line. If you don’t have a FX Markets account, please register for a trial.

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The report said construction spending inched up by 0.2 percent to an annual rate of $1.811 trillion in September after falling by 0.6 percent to a revised rate of $1.807 trillion in August. Experts look forward to a rally in the Japanese yen, at least in the short term. Traders are well aware of what happened in the September meeting when the yen extended losses during Kuroda’s media briefing and sparked after the intervention. On the surface, Forex and cryptocurrency trading look similar, but the history and functioning of these markets are notably different — we’ll explain how. Upcoming economic data releases from the US this week includes a slew of housing data and Core PCE. US stocks point to a weaker open after strong gains last week as investors question whether the Fed will adopt a softer stance to monetary policy after November.

Daily Fx Market Review: Euro Rises Above Parity Due To Broad Dollar Weakness

The greenback is in the early stages of topping out, which could bode well for dollar-denominated commodities such as crude oil, gold and wheat. XAUUSD remains under pressure despite the US dollar index plunge and the stock market rally. Russian DotBig broker investors now look at digital financial assets as an investment tool rather than just a “hype product,” AFD head Evgeny Masharov said. Our goal is to provide traders with all the information and tools they need to trade successfully.

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If investors plan to trade ADA, they need a comprehensive DotBig understanding of the triggers.

Daily Market Analysis

News-based trading is especially useful for volatile markets, for example oil trading. In order to read news events, you should familiarise yourself with economic indicators​​, which are macroeconomic factors that have an impact on all financial markets, whether it be forex, shares or indices. As discussed, our online trading platform, Next Generation, releases regular news and analysis articles for all financial markets. We also provide fundamental Forex news analysis reports from Morningstar, as well as market commentaries and updates from Reuters news on our news and insights section of the platform. By following our news, this ensures that you are always up-to-date with the latest trends and changes within the financial markets, as well as general economic announcements. In general, news that has a significant impact on individual company shares may not have a major impact on currencies.

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King Charles will appoint Rishi Sunak as the new UK Prime Minister today. While the GBP/USD holds steadies, his policy intentions will be the key. Spending pressures from a rapidly ageing population are a key challenge for Finland’s public finances. But the country can count on a strong pension system and proactive welfare reform, which cushion risks. The catalyst behind today’s anticipated weakness on the NASDAQ opening are dismal performances by Microsoft and Alphabet in pre-market trading. Unless you’re already a member and enjoying our service, then just sign in.

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