All About Online Reputation and Review Management

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It’s an automated way to garner reviews—and one that is actually incredibly effective. There are case studies and testimonials from Podium explaining how businesses went from 3,000 reviews to over 50,000 online reviews after using automated messaging.

Honest reviews of the company's reputation

When it comes to reputation management, earned media channels are as impactful as they are difficult for you to control. Check out our Marketing Automation and LinkedIn Prospecting services to jumpstart your marketing efforts and grow your business. We’ll continuously monitor your online reputation and respond to customers quickly and efficiently, so you can rest easy, knowing that your business is in good hands. 97% of consumers report that business reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Recruiters and job seekers can size up a company’s character with just a few clicks. There is Yelp for local businesses, Glassdoor for work reviews from ex-employees, Angie’s List for local contractors, and Dunn and Bradstreet for company information. When you get burned by this company, you won’t return, and you’ll tell others of your negative experience.


Truth be told, 90% of consumers look at reviews before visiting a business, so reputation management is important to any business and should always be acknowledged. There is no getting around the fact that business reputation management is incredibly effective. If your company’s online presence is positive because you have enlisted the help of online reputation management services, then you will uss express review see an increase in both sales and your ability to retain customers. Creating partnerships through content distribution and social media influencers can also lead to an increase in brand awareness and positive reviews. When influencers and other trusted partners share information about your products and services, this generates a buzz that ultimately leads more customers to your website.

Honest reviews of the company's reputation

Clearly, this scenario is a major potential loss, particularly for startups, which need the initial momentum to get their businesses off the ground. Nearly 3 out of 4 consumers trust a company more if it has positive reviews. Instead, it is a clear-headed approach to making sense of online reputation management , what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it. Understanding exactly how beliefs and expectations are evolving is not easy, but there are ways to develop a picture over time. For instance, regular surveys of employees, customers, and other stakeholders can reveal whether their priorities are changing. While most well-run companies conduct such surveys, few take the additional step of considering whether the data suggest that a gap between reputation and reality is materializing or widening. Similarly, periodic surveys of experts in different fields can identify political, demographic, and social trends that could affect the reputation-reality gap.

of customers only trust brands if they have interacted with them on social platforms

Many people are wondering if search engine optimization is still a factor in 2021. Articles, links, and banners are all ways for a business to better reach out to potential new customers. There are many ways to create positive publicity for your business naturally.

  • While you can’t delete negative reviews on every site, you do have the power to do so on some of them.
  • The third is the quality of internal coordination, which also can affect the gap.
  • Even if one user raises concerns about the authenticity of a review, it can cause a major downturn in the entire group.
  • They’ll handle things like search engine improvement, Yelp and online review management, and public affairs.
  • The degree to which this type of exposure harms an organization will depend on the situation in question and how great of a reputation it held before the incident took place.
  • If a client is happy with a product or service they may simply move on, glad to repeat the transaction in the future; but the same may be true of unhappy customers who may not leave any comment at all.

“Open response” questions can be used to elicit new issues of importance—and thus new expectations—that other questions might miss. It is generally useful to supplement these surveys with focus groups and in-depth interviews to develop a deeper understanding of the causes and possible consequences of trends. As is the case in assessing reputation, the more contextual, objective, and quantitative the approach to evaluating character, the better.

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