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I contacted TRR customer service and I had no answer back. I contacted USPS and started the whole claim process.

  • I work hard for my clothing and to basically just give up my hard earned money to a stranger to profit off of me definitely doesn’t sit well.
  • With an expert behind every item, we ensure everything we sell is 100% real.
  • The second check has never arrived and it has been close to a year now.
  • Real Ketones is a diet and nutrition company selling keto-friendly products for people who are following a ketogenic diet to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

More often than not the price points they’d decided on items were ridiculously low. For example $1395 pair of Louboutin cosmo pumps that were brand new and never worn were listed for $296 with a 20% Forex brokers coupon allowed. And when I called about it, every single customer service person I spoke with was completely inept at their job, unable to come up with any answers for the questions that I had.

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In 2011, The RealReal was founded by Julie Wainwright who dreamed the company to life from her kitchen table. In those days, she visited consignors at their homes in a U-Haul.

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Join Huon Hooke and Steve, on a brief visit from Italy, as they take you on a guided tour through this region in a very special, one-off Langhe wines masterclass. You will be introduced to the grape varieties and wine styles of the region, both famous and lesser-known, including an exceptional selection of Barbaresco and Barolo wines. O’Leary Walker makes a range of well-priced wines from Clare grapes and also dotbig reviews the Adelaide Hills, where the … Brisbane’s Cru Bar + Cellar was probably the first restaurant that allowed customers to buy a bottle in … Within a short space of time, two New Zealand wine producers have taken significant and immediate action to … Bottom line is that this article had to have been written by a PR person for the company. 1) There is no rhyme or reason to how they price your luxury goods.

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If I don’t receive my stuff back or a response within the next week I am taking higher measures. It’s very reputable and offers a wide array of designers merchandise at very fair prices. Easy To return and are very clear if it’s a final sale.

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i just submitted pics. per tyler about items in question

The description never said Final Sale..Not happy that I was deceived. I sweat a lot…I first tested it under my boobs. Then I got brave and tested on my pits over the weekend and it worked! I think the smell of the product is just like some perfume smells different on each person, but it fades right after you apply. After taking a long afternoon walk in KY, I smelled neutral…nothing. I don’t know about how many days it last because I take showers everyday and reapply.

I can confirm it works for me on..ahem…other parts. It was a big reason I decided to try it, and I was most pleased with how it performed “down there.” Even works on the creases around the area and out back.

On the program, she was pre-diabetic and dealt with blood pressure issues. Winfrey took to her Instagram account over the weekend to expose the supplement company that has been using her image and name in an attempt to sell the supplements—without her permission. In the video, Winfrey spoke directly into the camera to explain the situation to her followers.

The description said the only thing wrong was the inside lining had faded a little bit. It also said that I could return it Forex brokers for credit if unsatisfied. But when I received it the card wallet it said can’t be returned because it was a final sale.

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